Your Strategic Portfolio Management roadmap

Project & Portfolio Management was the “thing” over the last 15 years in the project management world. Microsoft Project Online is the leader int his space. However, over the last 10 years we’ve seen the advent of a variety of work management systems and project management systems – such as Azure DevOps and JIRA for Agile development – and other options for planning and executing projects across an enterprise (from new entrants like Planner and Smartsheets to established and complex tools like P6). This has caused a breakdown in the traditional PPM model.

What we see now is the need for new Strategic Portfolio Management solutions, like UMT360. UMT360 helps you select the right programs and projects aligned with your business strategy, your resource capacity and your budget. UMT360 integrates tightly with project management systems to push projects and resource plans to them for detailed planning, and it also rolls up progress from those systems so that you can track progress to your financial and strategic goals.

In this paper, we describe a prescription for change to help you move into Strategic Portfolio Management and drive strategic alignment for your program and project investments.

See our videos about UMT360 for engineering and construction projects and for IT projects.


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