Your COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plan

Get back to business, safely.

As you work to get your business started in the “new normal”, you will need to prepare and plan to adjust your business strategy and your operations and to put prevention and response actions in place.

To do this requires a lot of work and coordination. This is a temporary effort with a goal of getting operations running in the “new normal”, successfully. This is a project.  As such, a Project Manager can help you organize the work, track, and manage issues, and help you ensure a safe and complete return-to-work.  Additionally, you may have multiple work locations to re-open, and these may even be across multiple geographies, which may have different minimum regulations and applicable health and legal obligations.  As such, you may need a program of projects, covering different areas of your business and different locations. 

Once you are up and running, you will need to prepare for the Resurgence of COVID-19 — which may cause waves of business closures and other impacts. You should review our planning guide and template for guidance on managing through Resurgence.


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