End to end PPM solution

Western Principles provides customers with configured, integrated, and customized solutions to help them be more successful in achieving their project and portfolio management goals.

Free PPM Maturity Analysis

So you want to make some changes and improvements in your PPM practice. The only way to make meaningful change is to find out how mature your practice is today. We can help you to determine where you are. This is the first step on your road to improvement. We can also help you set goals as to where you want to be.

Migration to Project Online

The savings of running Project Online instead of a on premise server solution are real and measurable. We can seamlessly move your environment to this Saas solution.

PMO in a box

Our PMO in a box is a pre-configured PMO solution for Microsoft Project Online. We have packaged our consulting and implementation knowledge into a solution that includes the basic functions of a PMO instantly.

Extensions into other line of business systems

We have implemented extensions and tight integration into other line of business solutions that extends the capabilities of the Project Online solution. They include: - Report Pack - Our custom report pack will provide you with visibility into your project and portfolio performance. - Resource Picker - Sales Force Connectors - Jira Connectors- - ERP System integration

Leverage our exclusive custom IP

We have a wealth of knowledge built up over the last 13 years with over 100 years of cumulative experience with our 14 PPM experts. Using our proven rapid implementation approach, our clients recognize quick wins. The improved operational and resource management efficiencies has reduced costs by an average of 10% and improved visibility into project performance reduced project budget overruns by 5%. We offer a wealth of practical know-how, deep process and technical understanding of Microsoft PPM and the tools which augment the solution and how to implement them to meet and exceed our client’s requirements.