What is your Project & Portfolio Management Pain?

  • Portfolio Management is all about picking the right projects and programs that drive success, and then budgeting for them and ensuring you have adequate resource capacity to get them done.
  • Project Management is all about doing projects right — with the right schedule planning, cost planning, risk assessment, resource assignments. Then throughout the life of each project it is all about ensuring that the project tracks to the plans in order to reduce risks, close-out issues, and work towards on-time, on-budget, and on-scope delivery.
  • For Portfolio Management and Project Management, executives, project owners, the PMO, and Project Managers all need visibility to key performance indicators so that they can make the right decisions, fast to drive success.

PM Performance & Project Throughput

All our project managers spend a lot of time producing the same reports every week.  It is a totally a manual process and wastes hours of valuable time. There are projects that we repeat every quarter.  We produce the same tasks, timeline and apply the same resources for each one.  We have to enter all this information each time we initiate this type of project.

Western Principles can help your project managers be more efficient and drive more project throughput.

  • Make communicating project status more efficient and effective with standard status reporting templates and automated status reports
  • Automate common reports and dashboards with key KPIs
  • Spend less time “pushing paper” and more time managing the project and working to reduce risks and close issues.
  • From real world examples, the average organization’s PMs can increase their project throughput by 14%.

Program & Project Visibility

We all work in a standalone project management tool or we use Excel or nothing at all. We don’t have any visibility on what is happening with the project. We don’t know if a project is on time, if it going to affect another project or if we are over or under budget.

Western Principles will provide increased visibility through analytical reports.

  • The most significant benefit of using Microsoft Project Online is the increased visibility into project performance.
  • Take action on issues as before they arise.
  • Easily create new dashboards on programs, projects, resources, costs, issues, risks, and more.
  • Get the information you need to make decisions fast, and drive project delivery success
  • With greater visibility into project milestones, the composite organization is able to complete more projects on-time, on-budget, and on-scope.

Resource Management

Our project and resource managers are not effectively utilizing resources. We don’t have a good handle on how our resources are allocated across projects. There is no way to no which resources are being over utilized and which ones are under utilized.

One of Microsoft Project’s key strengths is resource management. Western Principles can configure it with you to help you with roles-based planning and assignments, and with processes to help you manage over- and under-allocations.

  • The PMO and project managers have greater visibility into their resource needs ahead of time and are able to better plan & staff.
  • Resources are better matched up with specific project needs based on skills and availability, increasing the efficiency within projects.
  • On average, organizations can realize a 13% reduction in project labor costs.

System Management Costs

We are not using an Enterprise Project Management Solution because it costs too much to implement and support. Our IT department does not have the time to setup and maintain a server for a PPM solution. Even if we install a solution we have to incur upgrade costs each time a new version comes out.

Microsoft offers several flavours of Project, including the Azure cloud-based Project Online and Project for the web.

  • The cloud solutions reduce Project’s overall cost of ownership
  • The underlying Azure infrastructure drives easy scalability, higher security, and better up-time.
  • Faster implementation is possible and more time can be spent on configuring the solution to meet your business needs
  • Drive project delivery ROI with Microsoft Project Online.

Learn about PPM roles and needs

  • Project Owner – get your project on-time & on-budget, and drive ROI
  • PMO – organize your teams to do the right things and deliver successfully
  • PM – follow business standards and focus on delivery
  • CFO – save project time and budget and drive efficient delivery