Your COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plan

Your COVID-19 Resurgence Plan

  • COVID-19 is predicted to be around for a while and to come back in resurgent waves. Plan now to drive an agile and resilient organization through these challenging times.
  • Assess the events that you may experience, and build mitigation plans.
  • Coordinating the work to do this is a project.
  • Project Management and a great plan are necessary to help you keep your business running and successful.
  • Check out our white paper too, where you’ll also find a template to get you started.
  • Western Principles can also provide hands-on help if you need it.  (Contact us if you need help.)

Program and Portfolio Roll ups with Microsoft Project and Power BI

Busy executives aren’t worried about the details of projects and progress of individual tasks. They are focused on the outcome of programs and portfolios – which roll-up from projects – to drive business results. Microsoft Project Online provides you automatic roll-ups. Western Principles can get you started.

Email us to get started with program roll-ups.

Dump the Spreadsheets for a REAL Project Management System

Is your project and program management hobbled by spreadsheets? Give your executives better information & make better decisions with centralized project and portfolio management, using Microsoft Project Online.

Project Online or Project for the web? Which project management system should you use?

For years, Microsoft’s leading project and portfolio management system – Microsoft Project Online – has been the go-to system for selecting, planning, executing, and reporting projects and programs.    Recently, Microsoft has introduced “Project for the web”.  Which of these systems is right for you and your project and portfolio management needs?  In this video, Western Principles describes the value of each system and many of the capabilities of each.    

To learn more about which one of these is right for you, drop us an email

Copy a Project for the web schedule with the Copy Button

Microsoft has introduced a new way to copy a project, with the “Copy Button”.  This short video shows you where to find it and how to use it.  The Copy button is great for creating a template project.

If you want to get started with Project for the web, or a full project & portfolio management implementation email us to get started.

Copy a Project for the web schedule with Copy and Paste

This short video walks you through the three easy steps to copy a schedule or to use an existing schedule to create a template or a simple point-in-time snapshot, using a Copy & Paste method.

If you want to get started with Project for the web, or a full project & portfolio management implementation email us to get started.

Power BI Dashboards for Project Online

Projects, Programs, Resources, Risks, Issues, Costs, and More.  How do you get visibility to the important KPIs to help you make critical decisions that drive the successful outcomes?

Microsoft has a content pack for Power BI that gives you insights into information from Microsoft Project Online.  This gives the Project Executives, PMO, and Project Managers key information they need to understand what’s happening and keep projects on-time, on-budget, and on-scope.

Western Principles has the experience to help you get started with this, fast, and to help you extend the reports to meet your specific needs.  Email us to get started.

Power BI Dashboards for Project for the web

How do you get visibility to projects, programs and resources when you’re using Project for the web?  Use the out-of-the-box content pack from Microsoft’s Power BI.  Email us to get started.

How to do Reverse Planning in Microsoft Project Online

Traditionally PMs line up tasks and work from the start to finish when creating a plan.  In many cases, a more effective way to understand your planning is to work in reverse.  Microsoft Project provides you several ways to do this. 

Western Principles can help you with your project and portfolio management — including reverse planning.  Email us to get started.

How to use the Team Planner for Resource Management in Project Online

The Team Planner is one of the sophisticated resource management features inside Microsoft Project Online that helps a Project Manager understand and solve over-allocation and under-allocation.

Western Principles can configure Capacity Planning and Resource Management capabilities in your Microsoft Project system to help you optimize your resource pool, and deliver projects better.  Email us to get started.

How to do Capacity Planning and Resource Management in Microsoft Project Online (Part 2)

Microsoft Project Online, paired with Power BI, has powerful Capacity Planning and Resource Management Capabilities:

  • Analyze future demand and shape your workforce to meet needs, with powerful what-if analysis, and the ability to create scenarios.
  • Gain insight into over- and under-allocations
  • Use several methods in Project Professional to resolve allocation problems.

Make sure you have the right people working on your projects at the right time, and your people are optimized to be successful on delivery.

Western Principles can help you configure your Microsoft Project system, and train your team in using it well.  Email us to get started.

Capacity Planning and Resource Management (Part 1)

These are two of the most important project management concepts, and schedulers often resort to spreadsheets to guesstimate the complex interactions of individual calendars, assigned tasks, projects, and programs.  This approach is rarely successful.  Project Online has powerful out-of-the-box capabilities that help you forecast resource plans easily do what-if analysis.  It also allows you to easily find the right and available people for each task.  Finally, you can get rich reports from Power BI that help you spot and fix problems.

This video, part 1 in the series, provides a primer in the theory for capacity planning and resource management.

Western Principles can help you configure your Project system, and train your team in using it well.  Email us to get started.

How to do Risk Management with Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online gives your team the opportunity to capture and track risks in an easy-to-use and centralized risk log.  These risks roll-up through Power BI dashboards to provide easy visibility to project KPIs.

Western Principles can help you configure and extend the risk management capabilities in your Microsoft Project system.  Email us to get started.

How to do Rapid Top-Down Planning & Budgeting with UMT360

There are five elements to top-down planning that UMT360’s Portfolio Manager simplifies and facilitates:

  • Derive Execution from Strategy (from projects to products)
  • Adopt a Continuous / Dynamic Planning Model
  • Maximize Resource Utilization
  • Generate Cost Transparency
  • Generate Roadmaps to help visualize and manage dependencies across the enterprise

Have a look at our UMT360 partner page for more information about UMT360’s capabilities and value in extending your PPM environment.

Budgeting and Planning in the era of Covid-19 with Microsoft Project

  • Covid-19 has rapidly and dramatically altered project and program plans, and taken the focus from strategy to survival
  • It will also impact the way that budgeting and planning is done in 2020 and beyond
  • Microsoft Project Online includes powerful project and portfolio planning capabilities to help you rapidly revise your plans and chart a path to get back to focusing on your strategy and success
  • Western Principles can help you rapidly configure and deploy the Microsoft Project portfolio selection system.

Agile Project & Program Selection especially important in turbulent times

Business needs to adapt at high speed – particularly in times of economic volatility and world events like the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Portfolio Management engine in Microsoft Project Online and Server will help you plan, adapt, and make changes quickly to help your business be successful through unpredictable times.

Western Principles can help you get Portfolio Management deployed, fast.

Integrate Microsoft Project to drive business value

Integrating Microsoft Project with other key business systems drives value, provides a single source of truth, reduces manual rework, and increases the accuracy and timeliness of information for making critical business decisions.  There are many options for integration, and Western Principles can help you those, and select and configure the solution that is right for your needs.

Enabling At-home workers during the Covid-19 outbreak

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Microsoft is providing Teams for free. While most of your team members are working from their homes, Microsoft is offering to help you help them to achieve a bit or normalcy in their daily routines and in maintaining productivity. For more information, see this blog.

Western Principles can help you get Teams deployed, fast.

Teams can be used in many ways to keep your home-bound workers productive, and using Teams you might also find ways that you can be more productive when thing return to normal.

Project Collaboration for Remote Workers

With your project team members working in geographically dispersed teams, work sites, plants, or at home, the ability to collaborate and be successful is critical. Project Online has capabilities to help you work together — even when you’re not.

This is especially relevant with at-home workers during Covid-19 social distancing.

Email us to find out more about how we can help your team do remote collaboration with Microsoft Project Online.

Microsoft Project Online runs inside Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a focal point for your day.  You can add Microsoft Project Online and the associated Power BI reports as elements that can run inside Teams.  Western Principles can help you configure your Project instance so that your teams can all collaborate in one common workspace.

This is just one way that you can use Microsoft Project Online to collaborate with your teams.  Email us to learn more about project collaboration.

New Product Development needs Project & Portfolio Management

New Product Development is all about generating great ideas and successfully bringing those to the market for both brand new ideas and existing products.

The New Product Development process can be planned, executed, and accelerated with Project Management.

For more detailed information, see our related white paper.

UMT360 Portfolio Management with Project for the web, Project Online, Azure DevOps, Jira, and more

Portfolio Management and Roadmapping are two key and important business functions to help you make sure you are selecting the right project and program investments, and then tracking them to completion. UMT360 provides out-of-the-box configurable integration to the new Project for the web, Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps, Jira Software, and more.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer will soon come to its End-of-Life

Western Principles can help you replace it with Microsoft Power Automate.  You may also enjoy our related white paper.

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