Western Principles is a Gold Partner with UMT360.

As a Gold Partner, we work closely with UMT360, and implement the UMT360 solution for Canadian Clients.

UMT360 provides several business capabilities that integrate tightly with Microsoft Project and also can be used stand-alone. UMT360’s apps fill or expand on critical capabilities for Project Executives, the PMO, PMs, and other project team players. These include:

  • Portfolio Manager – Advanced program level what-if analysis and planning.
  • Roadmap Manager – See the future and interactions between projects.
  • Cost Manager – Advanced and scalable cost controls to keep projects on-budget.
  • Benefits Manager – Easy to use benefits realization management.
  • Demand Manager – Build comprehensive business cases to capture & evaluate demand.
  • Resource Manager – Understand resource needs and make plans to fill them.
  • Program Manager – Build relationships between projects and master the planning & execution.
  • Azure DevOps Connector and Jira Connector – Aggregate your Agile development with other enterprise efforts being planned and tracked in Microsoft Project to provide a single-source-of-truth.
  • Data Exchange – UMT360 apps are tightly integrated to Microsoft Project out-of-the-box. The Data Exchange makes it easy to seamlessly integrate to accounting and other enterprise systems.

UMT360 is available by individual app, or as an enterprise suite. It is available in the Azure cloud or on-premises.

UMT360 provides the Project Owner, PMO, and Project Managers a 360° view across all enterprise investments. The apps provide the transparency and insight required to orchestrate and sustain business transformation.

Western Principles can help you with your UMT360 implementation. We have experience with UMT360 and how integrating it with Project Online, Project Server, and Power BI. Our capabilities include:

  • Full analysis and configuration services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Integration
  • Dashboards and Reporting
UMT360 Gold Partner

UMT360 App Icons
UMT360 provides apps that are tightly integrated to Microsoft Project and also can operate stand-alone to fill critical PPM capabilities.

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