Retail needs PPM

“Clicks and Mortar” – The retail industry is undergoing rapid and ground-shaking changes. To respond to these changes, the retail industry has to transform itself continually. This is achieved through projects. Retail industries, whether traditional stores, online stores, or hybrid models, may do projects such as:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Online store redevelopment
  • Sophisticated online shopping & technology

With all of the challenges a Retail company faces, and the diverse range of projects, a Retail organization needs a project & portfolio management solution like Microsoft Project that will allow you to select the right projects, do projects right, and get full visibility into critical KPIs for projects and programs.

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Have a look at some other needs by project type

How can Project & Portfolio Management help you?

  • IT Projects – select the right programs & projects, and get full visibility to waterfall and agile projects, as well as resources.
  • Engineering and Construction – collaborate among owner, architect, engineer, procurement, & construction teams to be successful.
  • New Product Development – select the right products and deliver them right.
  • Marketing Campaigns – an integrated marketing program is key to successful campaigns.
  • Customer Service Initiatives – customer service teams need to constantly tune processes, training, systems, and metrics.
  • Retail Projects – to thrive in the rapidly evolving retail industry, you must choose the right projects and do them right.