Project Types

The world runs on projects.  All projects have a beginning and an end, with a goal of achieving something.  In between, there’s a path to get from start to finish that’s defined by any number of tasks done by any number of people.

These initiatives may be planned using simple to-do lists, a waterfall methodology, or an agile methodology.  They may be very small and done by one person, or they may be very large and accomplished across many organizations. 

No matter the size and complexity of the project, Management needs visibility into progress, costs, risks, people and other key metrics, so that they can make critical decisions, quickly, in order to drive success.

Projects have a beginning and and end, with a goal.  Projects are planned and executed by a team of people.

Plan and track any initiative to a successful completion using Microsoft’s work management solutions.

Information Technology projects, Engineering and Construction Projects, High tech innovations, New Product Development, Customer Service improvements, Marketing campaigns, Training initiatives, and more.  Microsoft Project can be configured to meet your needs. 

Western Principles can help you get started. 

How can Project & Portfolio Management help you?

  • IT Projects – select the right programs & projects, and get full visibility to waterfall and agile projects, as well as resources.
  • Engineering and Construction – collaborate among owner, architect, engineer, procurement, & construction teams to be successful.
  • New Product Development – select the right products and deliver them right.
  • Marketing Campaigns – an integrated marketing program is key to successful campaigns.
  • Customer Service Initiatives – customer service teams need to constantly tune processes, training, systems, and metrics.
  • Retail Projects – to thrive in the rapidly evolving retail industry, you must choose the right projects and do them right.