Project Roles

The world runs on projects.  All projects have a beginning and an end, with a goal of achieving something.  In between, there’s a path to get from start to finish that’s defined by any number of tasks done by any number of people.

The people that participate in projects participate in a variety of roles, come from a variety of backgrounds, have a variety of skills, come with a variety of personal goals, and may just be coming together once to work on one project.

The project team each only have limited time in any day and may have responsibilities for operational duties and other projects.

Projects have multiple roles. These range from the Project Sponsor or Owner, through the Project Management Office team, to the Project Manager, and individual team members. Projects also answer to Executives, and Finance.

Project teams may be extended across organizations, with technical consultants, engineers, construction contractors, and more.

The project team is composed of people with diverse backgrounds who come together temporarily to plan and execute deliverables.

Western Principles can help you get started with a Project & Portfolio management system that will help your team members participate and collaborate in the project, and get the information they need to be successful. 

  • Project Owner – get your project on-time & on-budget, and drive ROI
  • PMO – organize your teams to do the right things and deliver successfully
  • PM – follow business standards and focus on delivery
  • CFO – save project time and budget and drive efficient delivery