PPM Services: Training

A project & portfolio management system is made up of people, processes, and technology. The only way that people learn about and adopt the processes and technology is through training. Broadly speaking, with respect to project & portfolio management, there are two types of training:

  1. Generalized training about the technology or the business function. This type of training falls into two classes:
    • Easily available Microsoft Project “how to”. This takes you from the basics of starting up the software to some of the complexities like leveling. Much of this training may not be in the context of the way you want to do work at your company.
    • Certification training from organizations like the PMI or the AACE. This provides you excellent process and skills training. However, it doesn’t get you elbows deep in the technology.
  2. Specific training created for your people, processes, and technology, taking into account what your team needs, and how they are going to work inside your project & portfolio management system in the future. This is where Western Principles helps you to meet your needs.

In addition, Western Principles offers several delivery options to help your team get the training they need both “now” and weeks after the training has been delivered. 

We can provide training for you for both existing and new PPM environments. Standard training courses include:

  • Project for Project Proposal Requestors
  • Project Online/Server for Portfolio Managers
  • Project Online/Server for Project Managers
  • Project Online/Server for Business Users
  • Project Online/Server for Resource Managers
  • Project Online/Server for Executives

  • Project Online/Server for Team Members
  • Project Online/Server for Configuration Administrators

Additional courses will be recommended and customized based on your specific implementation.

If you are interested in learning how to schedule and status with Microsoft Project for the web, check out our free online training courses.

Learn about our PPM services:

Western Principles solves your PPM pains with these types of project & portfolio management consulting services:

  • Sustainment Services: Keep your PPM system running, advancing, and driving ROI
  • Staff Augmentation: Provide knowledgeable and experienced PMO & PM team members to help you drive project successes.