PPM Services: Sustainment Services

So, you’ve just implemented your project & portfolio system, which means that hardware, middleware, and software are all in place for you (maybe it’s even Project Online, so updates are all looked after).  Users are generally happy.  Things are generally working as they are supposed to. 

Time passes. Then one day …

  • Someone asks for a new report,
  • Someone else wants to test out some functionality that was never used before,
  • Another team has just heard about Microsoft Project and is interested in using it for their projects, also,
  • You’ve just found out that one of your integration points doesn’t seem to be working.   

That’s what Sustainment Services is addresses for you – the continual maintenance, change, and repair activities that keep your business needs addressed and your Project & Portfolio Management system in good working order, so that it continues to increase and drive return on investment.

Western Principles offers several delivery models for you to ensure you continue to drive the ROI you need from your PPM system, and from all of the projects and programs that flow through it.

Learn about our PPM services:

Western Principles solves your PPM pains with these types of project & portfolio management consulting services:

  • Sustainment Services: Keep your PPM system running, advancing, and driving ROI
  • Staff Augmentation: Provide knowledgeable and experienced PMO & PM team members to help you drive project successes.