PPM Services: Process Optimization

Western Principles provides Strategy & Process consulting.  These are services related to re-imagining PPM systems – including people, processes, and technology working together – to help you select the right projects, do projects right, and get visibility to what’s happening.  We have several services in this area:


Requirements & Roadmap analysis

Many PPM organizations know they need to establish a PPM system, but don’t know what that means specifically or what capabilities will be available in a PPM system.  We can help with this through a Requirements & Roadmap Analysis engagement.  In this engagement, we work with you to:

  • Understand and document your high-level requirements.  We start this using our Envisioning Survey to help us understand and collaborate on the scope of your needs,
  • Collaborate on a roadmap for implementation, using a crawl-walk-run appraoch, and
  • Highlight the high-level requirements for your new PPM system, and a business case as necessary.

Quickly develop your PPM requirements and make it easy to understand what you need.

Capability Maturity Model

PPM Maturity Evaluation

Many PPM organizations like to start by establishing a common understanding of their “As-Is” processes.  We can help with this through a PPM Maturity analysis. This will help you understand:

  • Where you are today and what PPM processes and systems you have in place,
  • What your PPM process, training, & technology gaps are to move from one level to the next, and
  • What you need to move to the next level in terms of PPM use cases and systems, and what those need to do, and a business case as necessary.

Dive into an understanding of your PPM use cases and necessary actions to improve your capabilities.

Collaborate on Ideas

Prototype and adapt your PPM processes

Many PPM organizations want to get hands-on fast so that they can start to explore and demonstrate the value of the new PPM system.  Microsoft Project Online is an affordable and open standards solution that we can use with you to quickly model your new project and portfolio management processes – including how those might be automated to help you be more successful.  With Microsoft Project Online and Power BI we can quickly:

  • Create a pilot implementation environment,
  • Iteratively develop your PPM processes, forms and reports
  • Provide hands-on experience for a pilot workgroup.

Be hands-on to learn about your needs and how a PPM solution will help you improve.

These services can be combined to meet your needs and customized to provide the deliverables you want.  These services provide you a fast path to the selection and implementation of your new PPM system.

Learn about our PPM services:

Western Principles solves your PPM pains with these types of project & portfolio management consulting services:

  • Sustainment Services: Keep your PPM system running, advancing, and driving ROI
  • Staff Augmentation: Provide knowledgeable and experienced PMO & PM team members to help you drive project successes.