PPM Services: Configuration and Implementation

Western Principles has been in business since 2005, helping customers with their implementations of Microsoft Project.  Today most implementations of Microsoft Project are done using the Microsoft Project Online solution, and backing it up with analytics from Power BI.

We can take several approaches to implementing your Microsoft Project Online system with you:


Quick Start

We will recommend one of our partner’s out-of-the-box Quick Start solutions to get your Microsoft Project Online implementation up and running, fast.  These typically provide about a 50-60% fit, with further configuration required to meet your needs.  The remaining scope can be achieved as part of the implementation project, or as a future phase.

Get up and running with your new PPM fast.

Stopwatch and Deep 

Rapid Fit-for-Purpose Implementation

We will use our best practices and your insights about your organization to configure the solution for your needs.  This implementation project takes a bit longer than the Quick Start approach, but it has a higher fit to your needs for a similar cost.

Get your PPM setup to meet your needs.

Phased implementation (Chevrons)

Custom Implementation

In this approach we layout a roadmap to fit your needs, and implement the solution across several phases.  This may include using a Quick Start kit, and other add-ons, such as the TPG PSLink for Integration or UMT360 modules for advanced Portfolio Management, Roadmapping, Resource Management, Cost Controls, or more.

Develop your PPM maturity through a crawl-walk-run approach to meet your special requirements.

No two Project & Portfolio Management system implementation are ever the same — even when they are done in different departments for the same company. But we can collaborate with you on a plan that meets your needs.

Learn about our PPM services:

Western Principles solves your PPM pains with these types of project & portfolio management consulting services:

  • Sustainment Services: Keep your PPM system running, advancing, and driving ROI
  • Staff Augmentation: Provide knowledgeable and experienced PMO & PM team members to help you drive project successes.