What does the Project Management Office need?

The Project Management Office is responsible for a variety of project related work.

  • The PMO may help the Project Sponsors and Executives select projects, and understand what is happening on active projects and inter-related programs.
  • The PMO may work with Project Managers to plan and execute projects.
  • The PMO may perform long-term capacity planning and near-term resource management to ensure the right people are in place to get projects done.
  • The PMO may create and drive standards, processes, and automated workflows for project planning and execution.

The Project Management Office needs a solution suite that does all of this.

  • The solution must provide a portfolio management solution that collects ideas, helps the team score and select the project investments, while accounting for budgets and resources.
  • A project management system that helps project managers do the detailed planning for a project creating schedules, assessing risks, and assigning resources, and then executing projects with issue management, resource management, change request management, document management, cost management, and more.
  • An analytical system that provides reports and dashboards to help the PMO detect and fix problems, and provide information to the project sponsor and project executives.

Have a look at some other project needs by role

  • Project Owner – get your project on-time & on-budget, and drive ROI
  • PMO – organize your teams to do the right things and deliver successfully
  • PM – follow business standards and focus on delivery
  • CFO – save project time and budget and drive efficient delivery