Microsoft Azure DevOps

DevOps is a philosophy.

Microsoft defines DevOps as a philosophy which stresses that it DevOps is a compound of development and operations, and it’s facilitated with people, processes and technology working together tightly.

Benefits that Microsoft attributes to the DevOps philosophy include:

  • Accelerating time to market,
  • Adapting to the market and competition,
  • Maintaining system stability and reliability, and
  • Improving the mean time to recovery.

DevOps also describes an iterative application development process that progresses from planning where ideas are defined and the capabilities of the applications being developed or described through development into delivery, and then IT operations.

Concepts in planning include creating backlogs, tracking bugs, managing software, development with Scrum and Kanban boards, and tracking progress with dashboards.

Azure DevOps supports the DevOps development & management framework.

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a development and management framework which is matured around the DevOps philosophy and lifecycle.

It provides for collaborating among a development team including project managers, business analysts, developers, testers and others.

Azure DevOps includes support for Scrum, Kanban Boards and CMMI processes.

When you’re setting up your Agile development team, you have a lot to focus on, including your team and roles, how your Agile development process will flow, and the configuration of the Azure DevOps technology.

Western Principles can help you get going with the configuration of your Azure DevOps system fast. We know Azure DevOps and can help you with all aspects of your implementation.

Western Principles is a Gold Partner for Project & Portfolio Management.

Align your business strategy and your Azure DevOps work

Your project investment — both in the use of people and cash — should all be directed to delivering on your business strategy. UMT360’s Strategy Hub and Portfolio Manager, along with the UMT360 Cost Manager, Resource Manager, and Benefits Manager, drive these capabilities.

With the Portfolio Manager you can quickly perform what-if analysis and develop scenarios that will help you ensure that all work has a direct tie to your business strategies.

Additionally, with UMT360’s Roadmap Manager, you can get a clear picture of how all work in Azure DevOps (and work in other work management systems) rolls up through programs and initiatives to deliver on your business strategies. This visibility helps you see the interdependencies on related projects and understand what action is necessary to be successful on your delivery and outcomes.

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UMT360 provides tight integration with Azure DevOps to drive top-down strategic planning and execution, and bottom-up visibility from Epics through programs and ultimately up to strategies.

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