Get started on you Project & Portfolio Management Journey

Your Project & Portfolio Management system is a combination of:

  • People: Your employees and contractors who you train in your business processes and technology to get things done
  • Processes: The business functions and ways that your team does things like reporting, project selection, planning, statusing, and more.
  • Technology: Microsoft Project, Power BI, and other technology you use as part of the system to get things done. This may also include other technology that you integrate with, such as your finance system.

We believe in a holistic approach to your PPM implementation, including people, processes, and technology as a full system.

To start you on your journey of implementing your PPM system, we can provide you an Envisioning Questionnaire. This goes well beyond scheduling and includes other potential PPM elements like cost controls, document controls, and more. This helps you understand the scope of your PPM system, and the priorities of various elements in it.

Learn about our PPM services:

Western Principles solves your PPM pains with these types of project & portfolio management consulting services:

  • Sustainment Services: Keep your PPM system running, advancing, and driving ROI
  • Staff Augmentation: Provide knowledgeable and experienced PMO & PM team members to help you drive project successes.