Do you have a best of breed digital business platform for your Project and Portfolio Management?

Can you keep track of project costs and project budget spend?

Do you have a SaaS Project management solution that is saving money on IT management costs?

Do you produce the right reports that help to improve operational efficiencies in managing projects?

If you answered “no’ to any of these questions we can help you realize these benefits and more.  We will help you with a 3-DAY, NO COST, Partner-led Trial Consulting engagement to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your 90-day Project Online Trial experience.


Western Principles has 100+ years of experience and over 100 MS Project implementations to ensure lower operational costs and increased profitability.


Western Principles will sit down with you and your team for 3 days to discuss how you can make improvements to your PPM/EPM practice.  We can show how best to implement the tools and processes so you can have visibility to key metrics with regard to project spend, security and governance.  This is a “NO COST”, “NO OBLIGATION”, to you.  After the three days you will see where you can best to digitally transform the way that you get key information and visibility to all aspects of your projects.  You will also have a 90 trial of Project Online where you can setup  a “proof of concept” for our proposed solution.  It is your choice if you want us to help realize those benefits.  With our proven approach we can quickly implement those tools and processes that will make the biggest impact to the way you manage and govern projects.


Call or fill out the form below and mention you want a “Partner-led trial” to see if you qualify for this NO COST engagement.  Schedules can be flexible – 3 days can be spread out over time or happen all at once.

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